Emily Scheider Berens
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Maps, Textiles + Installation
At left are documented excerpts from my 2013 MFA thesis installation at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Life Among The Ruins featured a collection of square vignettes and printed maps connected in a network of pieced-together strands of thread. I used this installation to curate a patchwork of visual cues to memorialize a complex system of struggling environments that are currently undergoing extensive processes of alteration and upheaval.

The vignettes at the center of the exhibit were comprised of a curated collection of photographs I have taken in a series of six Great Lakes Cities over the past four years. They are intended to provide viewers with a series of small but meaningful narratives of the daily realities of existing within these spaces.

The maps fanning out from the center of the exhibit are drawn renditions of the same six cities I photographed: Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Gary, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These maps have been divided and pieced together by neighborhood; each vignette is thus physically connected to the space from which it was derived.